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‘Yo’ have a network of more than 50,000 students and coming up with the education platform which will cover students of entire India as well as outside, of all the level and will be providing career option in all the fields.

The goal of YO is to make our coming generation follow the career path in much reasonable and logical way,  Unlike the traditional approach of how a particular student choose their career, where most of the student select career without analysing their skills, interest, potential and without exploring the various career option and just pick up the career by the fascinating name, peer pressure or may be following their elders, which results in career failure, and many gets stuck in career in middle age just because of one wrong decision. 

YO focuses on analytical oriented approach for deciding career path. The Idea is to spread awareness around the coming generation about various career option and let them choose their field by first analysing their skills, understanding their interest and potential.

Career Councillors plays very important role in student success by showing them right path and help them in finding out their true potential and interest and help them excel in their career.

Yo offer great opportunity to career Councillors to connect them with student across the globe.

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